No loss of power, no problems for the diagnostic system

The AdBlue system is, in the presence of the emulator, disabled avoiding any loss of engine power or problems with the diagnostic system.

No warning lights will light up on your vehicle’s dashboard, which will function just as if AdBlue were flowing regularly.

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The AdBlue box emulator

The new transport regulations aim at the production of vehicles with increasingly lower nitrogen oxide polluting emissions . The new Euro 6 standard, which came into force in September 2014, obliges all car manufacturers to produce vehicles that comply with this standard. AdBlue is a registered trademark which identifies a chemical solution, AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%), used in the so-called selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Its function is to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides from the exhaust gases produced by vehicles equipped with diesel engines. Outside the European Union, however, vehicles that do not need this additive can still circulate. Mondo Camion presents you, today, a unique product, equipped with highly advanced technology: the AdBlue Box Emulator. An exclusive product, as mentioned: in fact, you can only find it in our shop. Mondo Camion's "AdBlue Box Emulator" is a highly sophisticated device. The constant technological development of our product, the result of the study of our engineers and the rigorous qualitative selection of the components, allows us to produce and offer our customers an emulator that can be adapted to the different brands of heavy vehicles (All types of Daf, Iveco, Man , Renault, Scania – Mercedes in preparation) up to Euro 5. A new emulator adaptable to Euro 6 vehicles has recently been available on the market. The Emulator performs a specific and precise function: to disable the AdBlue system if the vehicle, left without the additive, experiences power limitations. The AdBlue Box Emulator is a device of the highest technological level, usable, as already mentioned, only outside the European Community. The Emulator bypasses the electronic module of the AdBlue system, without interfering with the other electronic systems of the vehicle. This is why it is an accessory that proves indispensable in all countries where the Ad Blue additive is not available.

When you need the emulator

Let's take an example, to clarify the cases in which it is essential to install one of our emulator: a truck is sold in Morocco, which has a fault with the pump that supplies the AdBlue to the engine. Without emulator, the standard ECU will generate an error, severely limiting the engine power. The repair of the pump, of course, will involve significant costs and a more or less long time in which the vehicle will have to remain stationary. We also bear in mind that, outside the European community, the AdBlue additive is not easy to find due to the fact that outside the European community there is no obligation to use the same additive. Our module provides an interface between the electronic control unit and the engine, replacing, or rather, emulating the control unit itself, completely bypassing the part relating to the controls on the Ad Blue. The module is easy to install, in any truck. It plugs into the OBD cable, which has the function of bidirectionally sending and receiving data between the engine, the various sensors on the vehicle and the electronic control unit, which processes them and consequently sends the settings to the engine and to the various electronic components.

All the benefits of the AdBlue Emulator

Catalytic systems based on AdBlue are by now widespread. You can find them on trucks, buses and heavy vehicles of all the best known brands: MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and many others. The reason behind such a wide diffusion is the European legislation on emissions, the famous EURO standard. The AdBlue additive makes exhaust gases cleaner, but there is a "dark side" (in the sense of little known), if we can define it that way, to consider.

That's why you might need an Ad Blue emulator

  1. First of all, the EURO emission standard is valid, in fact, only in the countries of the European Union. There are many other countries, with much less stringent regulations. Where it is not essential to use the additive to keep the catalytic converter system running.
  2. In these weights being able to turn off the AdBlue system, using the emulator, means a great saving in terms of economic resources.
  3. There are other countries where the use of AdBlue can generate further problems and unexpected events.
  4. In countries where the temperature is permanently below -10°C, any liquid similar to water freezes. When AdBlue freezes, it can damage the liquid pumping system, and generate "error codes", which force the diagnostic system to reduce engine power, to avoid worse damage. In some cases, severe overheating of the catalytic converter can occur, with further damage and periods of vehicle downtime.
  5. In this case the emulator, bypassing the diagnostic system of the vehicle, avoids both the loss of power and the damage to the components of the catalytic converter.
  6. If you have a vehicle that already has a damaged catalyst, you can make it usable again, without any loss of power. Naturally, as long as you are in a country where the use of Ad Blue is not compulsory,
  7. Finally. If you are driving your truck outside Europe, you can switch the system off at any time. System that instead you will return to use in countries where it is mandatory.
  8. This is what many have asked themselves also in the comments on our and other Facebook pages: is the deactivation of the system permanent?
  9. The answer is that in countries where there is an obligation, the AdBlue system can and must function regularly. And you can reactivate it at any time.
But, as you have just read, there are several cases in which being able to deactivate it can prove to be very useful, for your vehicle and for your work.

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