The additional control unit for petrol motorcycles marked Racext is placed between the original control unit and the sensors, intercepting the signal and processing them by inhibiting them and sending them back (revised and corrected)

motorcycle add-on module

the objective of these additional motorcycle control units is to improve delivery and driving by replacing the normal motorcycle control unit mapping.

There are 2 systems to electronically change the character of your motorcycle’s engine:

Remap the original motorcycle ECU or use an additional motorcycle ECU.

Motorcycle ECU remapping vs motorcycle additional ECU

In the first case the so-called maps are corrected, in the second case the working method is more subtle, the original software of your bike is not modified, but the signals of some sensors such as the IAT sensor are intercepted, they are modified and sent back to the original control unit.

Motorbike ECU for motorbike mapping

The aim is to “deceive” her by showing her a situation that does not correspond to reality, but by showing the situation that can make us get the best performance.

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