Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best?

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 1

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? – on our site you will find the best spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles

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Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best?

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If you are looking for high quality products for your car or motorbike, look no further. We are sure you will find the perfect product for you at Racext. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests. We are here to help you make your vehicle perfect.It doesn’t matter if you’re an audiophile or a driving enthusiast; choosing the best Audi trim level can be overwhelming.

With three packages to choose from – Premium, Premi

Navigating through the various trim levels offered by Audi – Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige – can seem like a daunting task when trying to determine which one provides the best value for your investment.

However, there’s no need to fret; we’re here to assist!

We will meticulously analyze each trim option, highlighting the specific features and conveniences they bring to the table, enabling you to make an informed decision on which one aligns with your preferences and needs.

So, let’s dive right in: Comparing Audi’s Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige trim levels – Deciding on the Optimal Choice.

Overview: Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige

Allow us to guide you through the trio of trim levels available for Audi: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige.

While these trims are all part of the Audi family, they distinguish themselves through a distinct mix of characteristics and flair.

Starting with Premium, the entry-level offering, each trim ascends in luxury and features: Premium Plus enhances the proposition with extra amenities, and Prestige stands as the pinnacle of Audi’s trim levels.

Below, we present a detailed comparative analysis of the Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige trims, specifically focusing on the Audi Q5 model:

Feature Premium
(Starting at $44,200)
Premium Plus
(Starting at $49,400)
(Starting at $54,900)
7-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission Standard Standard Standard
quattro all-wheel drive system Standard Standard Standard
18-inch wheels Standard N/A N/A
19-inch wheels Optional Standard Standard
Lane departure warning Standard Standard Standard
LED headlights Standard Standard Standard
Leather seats Standard Standard Standard
Audi adaptive cruise control Standard Standard Standard
Three-zone automatic climate control Standard Standard Standard
Heated front seats Standard Standard Standard
Audi pre sense city Standard Standard Standard
Rear-view camera Standard Standard Standard
Lane departure warning Standard Standard Standard
Audi smartphone interface Standard Standard Standard
7-inch color display Standard N/A N/A
Panoramic sunroof Optional Standard Standard
Audi advanced key Optional Standard Standard
Heated steering wheel Optional Standard Standard
Memory for driver’s seat and mirrors Optional Standard Standard
Bang & Olufsen sound system N/A Standard Standard
Audi virtual cockpit plus N/A Standard Standard
Audi active lane assist N/A Standard Standard
Power tailgate N/A Standard Standard
Audi drive select N/A Standard Standard
Top-view camera system N/A Standard Standard
Ventilated front sports seats N/A Optional Standard
Audi MMI Navigation plus N/A Optional Standard
Matrix-design LED headlights with washers N/A N/A Standard
Head-up display N/A N/A Standard
Park assist N/A N/A Standard
Heated and cooled front cup holder N/A N/A Standard
Rear-view mirror with digital compass and toll module N/A N/A Standard
LED interior lighting plus N/A N/A Standard
Heated rear seats N/A N/A Standard
Metallic paint Optional Optional Optional
Rear side thoracic airbags Optional Optional Optional

We trust this comparison will illuminate the distinctions among the three trim levels for you!

Here’s a quick overview of what Audi’s Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige packages have to offer:

  • Premium. Despite being the entry-level option, it’s far from lacking. Equipped with an impressive array of standard features at a more accessible price point, it’s ideal for those desiring the Audi signature experience without the need for excessive luxuries.
  • Premium Plus. Elevating the Premium’s offerings, this trim level enhances your experience with additional amenities such as the superior Bang & Olufsen sound system and Audi’s cutting-edge virtual cockpit. For those seeking a balance between opulence and value, the Premium Plus package stands out as an excellent selection.
  • Prestige. At the pinnacle, the Prestige trim integrates all of Audi’s high-end features, from matrix-design LED headlights and ventilated front sports seats to a head-up display, and beyond. For enthusiasts aiming for the peak of what Audi offers and are willing to invest more, the Prestige trim embodies the quintessential Audi experience.

Next, let’s delve deeper into what makes each of these Audi trim levels uniquely appealing!

Audi Premium

Diving into the beginning of Audi’s trim spectrum, we find the Premium level.

The term ‘entry-level’ might suggest something less than desirable, but that’s far from the truth with Audi’s Premium trim.

Starting at a price point of $44,200 for the Audi Q5, the Premium designation lives up to its name, offering a wealth of features that underscore its luxury pedigree.

As you settle into the driver’s seat, a suite of standard luxuries unfolds before you.

Equipped with a 7-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission and the quattro all-wheel drive system, the vehicle promises a driving experience that’s both secure and exceptionally smooth.

The addition of 18-inch wheels and LED headlights not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also guarantees optimal visibility in various driving conditions.

Moreover, the interior doesn’t skimp on comforts: leather seating envelops you in luxury, while the three-zone automatic climate control ensures a serene and comfortable environment, regardless of the outside weather.

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 3


Pros Of Audi Premium

The Audi Premium trim comes with a range of advantages that make it an appealing choice for many drivers.

First and foremost, it presents a more budget-friendly option compared to its higher-tier counterparts.

This trim allows drivers to indulge in the luxury and prestige associated with the Audi brand without stretching their financial limits too thin.

Furthermore, the Premium trim doesn’t compromise on safety or technology, despite its more accessible price point.

Included as standard are features such as Audi pre sense city, which helps to prevent or mitigate accidents in urban environments, and a lane departure warning system to keep you safely within your lane.

Additionally, the convenience of a rear-view camera simplifies parking and reversing maneuvers, while the 7-inch color display ensures all your infotainment and vehicle settings are easily within reach.

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 5

Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge the constraints associated with the Premium trim level.

One notable drawback is the limited range of customization options. This means that certain premium features are relegated to the realm of optional add-ons rather than standard inclusions, which could lead to a sense of missing out, especially when comparing to the more feature-rich Premium Plus and Prestige packages.

Who, then, is the quintessential candidate for the Audi Premium trim?

Envision an individual who is astute and mindful of their finances, yet harbors a desire for the refined elegance and performance synonymous with the Audi marque. This person prioritizes a premium automotive experience that is both sophisticated and accessible, without the necessity of the most advanced technological frills.

If this description resonates with you, you may find the Premium trim to be an ideal choice, striking a balance between luxury and practicality that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Audi Premium Plus

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 7

Shifting our attention to the mid-tier offering, the Audi Premium Plus trim elevates the standard set by the Premium level, introducing a suite of enhancements that redefine your driving experience.

The transition from the Premium to Premium Plus trim is marked by several significant upgrades, including the switch from 18-inch wheels to a more commanding set of 19-inch wheels. This change not only impacts the vehicle’s aesthetics but also its driving dynamics.

Upon entering the vehicle, the first thing to catch your eye is likely to be the panoramic sunroof, offering expansive views of the sky and adding an element of openness to the cabin. The Audi advanced key system adds a touch of sophistication and ease, allowing for keyless start and entry, reminiscent of the gadgets of a secret agent.

Comfort is taken a step further with a heated steering wheel and a memory function for the driver’s seat and mirrors, ensuring a personalized and cozy driving environment, regardless of the weather.

For those who appreciate high-quality audio, the inclusion of a Bang & Olufsen sound system as standard equipment in the Premium Plus trim is a significant boon. This, combined with the immersive experience provided by Audi’s virtual cockpit, a top-view camera system for enhanced visibility and ease of parking, and a power tailgate for convenient access to the cargo area, makes the Premium Plus trim a compelling option for those who seek a harmonious blend of luxury, technology, and practicality.

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 9

The Audi Premium Plus trim stands out as a harmonious blend of opulence and value, striking the perfect balance for those who seek luxury without the hefty price tag. This trim level elevates the driving experience by integrating a comprehensive array of features that cater to both comfort and aesthetics, making it a compelling option for discerning buyers.

Advantages of the Audi Premium Plus Trim:

The allure of the Premium Plus trim lies in its generous provision of luxurious amenities at a price point that remains accessible. This trim level is adept at offering an enhanced driving experience through additional features that you might not have realized were essential. From the more sophisticated 19-inch wheels that lend the vehicle a distinguished appearance and improved handling, to the panoramic sunroof that floods the cabin with natural light, the Premium Plus trim adds elements of enjoyment and convenience to every journey. The Audi advanced key system offers a seamless interaction with your vehicle, amplifying the sense of sophistication. The inclusion of a heated steering wheel and the memory function for the driver’s seat and mirrors emphasizes personal comfort and ease. Audiophiles will particularly appreciate the standard Bang & Olufsen sound system for its exceptional audio clarity, while the virtual cockpit and a power tailgate further enhance the driving experience, making it a joy to operate.

Limitations of the Audi Premium Plus Trim:

Despite its comprehensive feature set, the Premium Plus trim does not include every high-end option as standard. Certain premium features, such as matrix-design LED headlights with washers, a head-up display, or heated rear seats, remain exclusive to the Prestige trim, necessitating an upgrade for those who desire these specific amenities. This delineation ensures that while the Premium Plus offers a significant step up from the base Premium trim, there remains a clear distinction in luxury and technology offerings compared to the top-tier Prestige trim.

Who Should Opt for the Audi Premium Plus Trim?

The ideal candidate for the Audi Premium Plus trim is someone who seeks a more enriched driving experience than what the base Premium trim offers, yet remains cautious of venturing into the more extravagant Prestige tier. This individual values a blend of luxury, advanced technology, and comfort, aiming for a vehicle that delivers a ‘just right’ combination of features at a price that represents a sensible compromise between affordability and indulgence.

Audi Prestige: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Ascending to the Audi Prestige trim, you enter the realm of uncompromised luxury and technological sophistication. This trim level is designed for those who accept no substitutes and demand the very best in their automotive experience. The Prestige trim includes premium features such as matrix-design LED headlights that not only enhance visibility but also add an element of elegance with their washers. Ventilated front sports seats offer unparalleled comfort, especially during warmer conditions, ensuring a pleasant driving experience at all times. The head-up display projects essential information directly onto the windshield, allowing you to stay informed without diverting your gaze from the road. Additional conveniences such as park assist, heated rear seats, and LED interior lighting transform the vehicle into a sanctuary of comfort and ease, enveloping occupants in a cocoon of luxury.

Benefits of Choosing the Audi Prestige Trim:

Opting for the Prestige trim means accessing the zenith of Audi’s luxury and feature offerings. This choice is characterized by an array of exclusive amenities that elevate the driving experience to new heights, encapsulating the essence of luxury and innovation that Audi is renowned for.

Drawbacks of the Audi Prestige Trim:

However, the unparalleled luxury of the Prestige trim comes with a corresponding price tag, making it the most expensive option among the three trim levels. This investment may require careful consideration for those with budgetary constraints, as the Prestige package demands a premium for its extensive list of features.

The Ideal Prestige Trim Buyer:

The quintessential Prestige trim buyer is someone for whom only the best will suffice. This individual is prepared to invest in the ultimate Audi experience, prioritizing cutting-edge features, luxury, and exclusivity above all else. If you identify with this description, the Prestige trim awaits to fulfill your highest automotive aspirations.

Choosing Between Audi Premium and Premium Plus:

Deciding between the Audi Premium and Premium Plus trims involves weighing the value of additional features against cost. The Premium trim offers a more budget-friendly entry into the Audi experience, focusing on essential luxury and performance. In contrast, the Premium Plus enriches this foundation with significant upgrades such as the virtual cockpit and an upgraded sound system, justifying its higher price with a richer array of standard features.

Audi Premium Plus vs. Prestige: Making the Ultimate Choice:

The choice between the Audi Premium Plus and Prestige trims ultimately hinges on your desire for luxury and your financial flexibility. The Premium Plus serves as a middle ground, offering substantial luxury and technological enhancements without the full financial commitment of the Prestige trim. However, for those who demand the epitome of Audi’s luxury and technological prowess, the Prestige trim represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence, ready to deliver an unmatched driving experience for those willing to invest in the best.

Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best? - Car Magazine - Racext 11


In wrapping up our exploration of Audi’s diverse trim offerings, it’s essential to recognize that the final choice rests with you, the discerning buyer. Audi has masterfully crafted these trim levels to cater to a broad spectrum of desires and financial considerations, ensuring that whether you’re keen on maximizing value or indulging in the pinnacle of luxury, there’s an Audi that aligns with your aspirations.

This strategic segmentation mirrors the philosophy behind Audi’s A, S, and RS series, which are designed to meet varying performance and style preferences, underscoring the brand’s commitment to versatility and customer satisfaction. Whether your priority is a budget-friendly luxury experience, a balanced blend of comfort and technology, or the ultimate expression of automotive excellence, Audi offers a trim level that resonates with your unique set of requirements.

We’re eager to hear about your preferences and experiences. Which Audi trim level captures your heart, and how does it reflect your lifestyle and values? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and here’s to many more journeys filled with sophistication, performance, and unparalleled luxury. Have a fantastic day ahead!


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Audi Premium Vs. Premium Plus Vs. Prestige: Which Is Best?


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