Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars: A Beginner’s Guide

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Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars: A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you curious about the vast realm of motorcycle handlebars and their diverse varieties? If so, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. In the following discourse, I aim to unravel the enigmatic world of motorcycle handlebars and provide you with invaluable insights.
Within the expanse of this article, I will unveil a multitude of motorcycle handlebar types, extending beyond the confines of the customary handlebar. Furthermore, I shall furnish you with a comprehensive guide on the art of selecting the optimal handlebar for your cherished motorcycle.
As we approach the culmination of this informative expedition, I have thoughtfully incorporated a section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These meticulously crafted responses aim to address any lingering queries that may have materialized during your exploration. With this extensive reservoir of knowledge at your disposal, let’s embark on this enlightening journey.
Drag handlebars, those sleek and aerodynamically designed straight handlebars, are a boon for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to optimize their speed and performance on the road. These handlebars are specifically engineered to minimize wind resistance and provide riders with the thrill of increased velocity.
Now, let’s delve into the intriguing world of drag handlebars, where you’ll encounter a variety of options catering to different riding preferences. Among these options, you’ll find zero drag, high drag, and low drag handlebars, each offering a unique riding experience.
The distinctive feature of drag handlebars is their subtle backward bend, which necessitates the rider to assume a slightly forward-leaning or crouched position. This design is a favorite among aficionados of choppers, bobbers, and cruisers, making it a common sight in street races and other high-speed motorcycling events.
It’s fascinating to note that the origins of drag bars can be traced back to the bustling streets of London, where they first gained popularity. These handlebars have since transcended borders and are now revered worldwide for their ability to cut through the wind with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring a smoother and more exhilarating ride.
The installation process for drag handlebars is a straightforward affair, making it an attractive choice for riders looking to enhance their motorcycle’s aesthetics and performance. One notable advantage is that you can effortlessly utilize your bike’s stock wiring, simplifying the installation process and minimizing the need for extensive modifications.
In summary, drag handlebars are not merely a stylish accessory for your motorcycle; they are a performance-enhancing feature that can significantly enhance your riding experience. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or simply appreciate the aesthetics of a well-designed handlebar, drag bars are a choice that combines form and function in perfect harmony, promising an exhilarating and wind-defying journey on two wheels. So, if you’re in search of an upgrade that will take your riding to the next level, consider the allure of drag handlebars – a true testament to the marriage of style and speed in the world of motorcycles.

Moustache Handlebars: A Stylish Twist for Your Motorcycle Ride

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and style to your motorcycle, the moustache handlebar is an option worth considering. Its distinctive name is derived from the uncanny resemblance it bears to a twirled moustache when viewed from the front, giving your bike a unique and eye-catching appearance.
What sets the moustache handlebar apart is its elegant curve, bending away from the clamp and then gracefully curving back. This design not only ensures a classy look but also provides a comfortable grip for your hands while riding.
Compared to standard stock handlebars, moustache bars are notably narrower and lower. This design feature caters to those seeking a more streamlined and compact handlebar setup for their motorcycle. The best part is that you won’t need to undergo the hassle of changing any cables or wires that come with your bike by default when installing a moustache handlebar. It’s a simple and effective way to transform your ride’s aesthetics without a major overhaul.

Ape Hangers Handlebars: Reaching New Heights in Motorcycle Customization

If you’re in the market for something truly unique and daring, consider the ape hangers handlebars. These distinctive bars have earned their name due to the way you grip them – much like an ape hanging from the branch of a tree. Ape hangers are the tallest type of handlebars available, starting at a height of 12 inches and reaching up to a towering 16 inches. In some extreme cases, you might even come across handlebars that soar to a staggering 24 inches.
Ape hangers are predominantly a style statement. While they may not offer the same level of control, ergonomics, and comfort as other handlebars, they are favored by cruiser and chopper enthusiasts looking to make a bold statement with their motorcycles. These handlebars are all about defying convention and expressing your unique personality through your ride.
For those who wish to explore variations of the ape hangers, you can also consider Mini Apes or Baby Apes. These offer a slightly different aesthetic while retaining the distinctive height that characterizes ape hangers. Among these, the Buckhorn handlebar stands out as a shorter and modified alternative for riders who desire a different take on the classic ape hangers.
In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the right handlebar for your motorcycle, your choice goes beyond just functionality – it’s a reflection of your personal style and riding preferences. Whether you opt for the classic and suave moustache handlebars or the audacious and attention-grabbing ape hangers, the decision is yours to make, and it can truly transform your motorcycle into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Exploring Motorcycle Handlebar Options

When it comes to motorcycle customization, the handlebars you choose can greatly impact your riding experience. In this segment, we’ll delve into various handlebar types, discussing their features and ideal applications.
Clip-On Handlebars: Unleashing the Racer’s Spirit
Clip-on handlebars, a staple in the world of sportbikes, are designed for those who crave the thrill of speed. While they are commonly found on modern sportbikes, their adaptability also makes them suitable for cafe racer projects. These low-profile handlebars demand a forward-leaning posture from riders, enhancing aerodynamics. Typically mounted either below or above the triple tree of the motorcycle’s front forks, clip-on handlebars offer adjustability for personalized comfort. They come in two parts, allowing riders to fine-tune the positioning, making them a preferred choice for racing enthusiasts. However, it’s essential to note that these handlebars may not be the best choice for long rides due to their aggressive riding position.
Beach Handlebars: Embracing Comfort and Style
Beach handlebars, often associated with the relaxed cruiser style, have some similarities to ape hangers but with a unique twist. Instead of an upward rise, beach handlebars curve gently towards the rider, creating a comfortable, laid-back riding experience. With their extended width and gentle pullback, these handlebars enable riders to lean back and keep their hands relaxed on the grips. They are perfect for those who prefer a more leisurely and stylish ride.
Tracker Handlebars: A Blend of Flat and Functional
Tracker handlebars strike a balance between flat handlebars like those used in motocross and traditional stock handlebars. They are often mounted on taller risers, which differentiates them from the stock options. Trackers provide a slightly lower rise compared to other handlebars, making them a popular choice for customizing your ride. The best part is that they are relatively easy to install, usually working with stock cables and wiring. Moreover, they are compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models from various brands, offering flexibility in customizing your bike to suit your preferences.
In conclusion, selecting the right handlebars for your motorcycle is a crucial decision that can enhance your riding experience and reflect your personal style. Whether you’re seeking the exhilaration of clip-on handlebars, the comfort of beach handlebars, or the versatility of tracker handlebars, there’s a perfect fit for every rider and every motorcycle project.
Frisco Handlebars: A Unique Take on Motorcycle Handlebars
In the world of motorcycle customization, the choice of handlebars plays a pivotal role in defining the aesthetics and functionality of your ride. Frisco handlebars, with their distinctive design, deserve a closer look. When examining the rise and shape of these handlebars, you’ll notice intriguing similarities to Z handlebars.
However, what truly sets Frisco handlebars apart is their absence of angular features at the inner rise top. Instead, they offer a more organic and rounded profile along the horizontal section and the top vertical. This unique design element not only makes them stand out but also adds a touch of elegance to your motorcycle’s overall appearance.
Chumps Handlebars: Unparalleled Comfort and Versatility
For those riders who prioritize comfort and versatility, Chumps handlebars emerge as a top choice. These handlebars are renowned for their exceptional comfort, making them particularly well-suited for cruiser bikes. However, their adaptability extends to various motorcycle models, giving you the freedom to install them on a range of rides.
What truly defines Chumps handlebars is their soft and well-balanced curves, coupled with a modest rise. These features make them an ideal fit for custom motorcycles, where personalization and comfort go hand in hand. If you’re not a fan of flashy rides and prefer a more laid-back and relaxed riding experience, Chumps handlebars are an excellent choice.
The world of motorcycle handlebars is as diverse as the riders who use them. Frisco handlebars offer a unique and elegant design with their soft curves and absence of angular elements. On the other hand, Chumps handlebars prioritize comfort and versatility, making them an excellent choice for cruiser bikes and custom motorcycle enthusiasts.
Your selection of handlebars should align with your riding style and aesthetic preferences. Whether you opt for the graceful Frisco handlebars or the comfortable Chumps handlebars, your motorcycle customization journey is sure to be a rewarding one. Choose wisely, and ride with confidence and style.
When it comes to enhancing the ergonomics and aesthetics of your motorcycle, the choice of handlebars plays a pivotal role. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into various types of handlebars, each catering to specific riding styles and preferences. One key contender in the realm of handlebars is the Clubman Handlebars.
Clubman Handlebars, while not as adaptable as their clip-on counterparts, boast a distinct effectiveness that sets them apart. Their appeal lies in their aggressive aesthetic, a factor that has propelled them into popularity among motorbike enthusiasts. These handlebars find their home perched atop the triple clamp of your motorcycle. With a unique design that features backward-angled ends and a forward-leaning body, riding with Clubman handlebars necessitates a slight forward lean, promoting a crouched, low-slung riding position that exudes an undeniable allure.
Keystone Handlebars, another intriguing choice in the handlebar universe, are particularly well-suited for shorter bikes. These handlebars, sporting a mild sweep at the back, seamlessly integrate with your motorcycle’s profile without overpowering it. Sharing some commonalities with the Z handlebars, Keystone handlebars differentiate themselves through a distinct design element. While the top portion of Z bars remains straight, Keystone handlebars take a different route, with the upper section angled inward. This design not only enhances aesthetics but also positions the rider assertively, making a statement on the road.
For those riders with a passion for touring, the Touring/Dresser Handlebars are the epitome of comfort and functionality. As the name suggests, these handlebars are tailor-made for the demands of long-haul journeys. Easily recognizable due to their substantial size, Touring handlebars stand out from the crowd. They present a heightened rise, typically ranging from 12 to 20 inches, providing a commanding and comfortable riding posture. Moreover, their wider base is meticulously designed to accommodate the dimensions and contours of your motorcycle’s fairing, ensuring a harmonious fusion of form and function.
In conclusion, the world of motorcycle handlebars offers a diverse array of options, each catering to specific riding styles and preferences. Whether you opt for the aggressive allure of Clubman Handlebars, the understated elegance of Keystone Handlebars, or the touring prowess of Touring/Dresser Handlebars, your choice can significantly impact your riding experience. So, as you embark on your journey of customizing your bike, take a moment to consider the handlebars that best complement your style and needs. Your motorcycle is not just a machine; it’s an extension of your identity on the open road, and the right handlebars can make all the difference.

Exploring Motorcycle Handlebar Varieties: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Ride

When it comes to enhancing your biking experience, one crucial aspect that often goes underappreciated is the choice of motorcycle handlebars. These seemingly simple components play a pivotal role in determining your comfort, control, and overall riding experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into various handlebar styles, shedding light on their unique features, suitability, and considerations for choosing the ideal option for your motorcycle.

Z Handlebars: Adding Angular Elegance to Your Ride

Z handlebars, resembling opposing Zs at both ends of their inner rise, offer a distinctive and angular design. They may not be particularly tall or wide, but their straight orientation with 90-degree angle bends at the base and peak adds a touch of sophistication to your ride. Two common variations, the Zed bar and Maynard, each bring their own flair. The Maynard boasts a low rise with a perpendicular, step-like angle, while the Zed bar shares the perpendicular angle but comes with a taller rise. Z handlebars are a popular choice for narrower bikes, and their availability in various custom designs caters to diverse preferences.

Motocross Handlebars: Unleash Off-Road Adventure

Primarily designed for dirt bikes, motocross handlebars also find utility in other motorcycle types. Known for their straight orientation and a distinctive cross-brace in the middle, these handlebars are the top choice for off-road and dual-sport enthusiasts. The cross-brace enhances rigidity, providing extra support for challenging terrains, making them a favorite among motocross riders.

Breezer Handlebars: Angular Aggression Meets Rider Comfort

Breezer handlebars, reminiscent of Chumps handlebars, add an element of angular aggression to your bike’s aesthetics. Unlike Chumps, they feature a more pronounced angular design at the top of the inner rise. These handlebars slope downwards after the inner rise, creating a unique and aggressive appearance. Breezer handlebars are perfect for those who seek a distinct and bold look, setting them apart from the crowd.

Cruiser Handlebars: The Epitome of Riding Comfort

For those who prioritize comfort and an upright riding position, cruiser handlebars are the go-to choice. These tall handlebars with a rear slope and extended length offer a relaxed riding posture. The added benefit is their adjustability, allowing you to tailor the handlebar’s height to suit your specific preferences.

T-Handlebars/H-Handlebars: Versatile and Easy to Install

T-Handlebars and H-Handlebars come in various shapes and sizes, but their common feature is the ability to attach them directly to the triple trees. Equipped with built-in risers, these handlebars can be easily bolted onto the triple trees without the need for additional clamps. Their versatility makes them a suitable option for riders seeking an uncomplicated installation process.

Choosing the Right Handlebar: Key Considerations

Now that you’re acquainted with the diverse world of motorcycle handlebars, it’s crucial to make an informed choice when selecting the perfect fit for your bike. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind:

1. Aesthetics Matter: While many handlebars claim to be universal fits, not all will complement your bike’s style. Ensure that the handlebar you choose enhances your bike’s appearance, rather than appearing out of place.

2. Comfort and Fit: Check the handlebar’s diameter, typically 7/8 or 1-inch, but oversized options are also available. Measure the overall width, center width, pullback length, inside rise, and end rise to determine the perfect fit for your riding posture and comfort.

3. Controls: Aftermarket bars come in various sizes and shapes, so ensure that your chosen handlebar can accommodate the switch housings you require, maintaining functionality and control.

In conclusion, your motorcycle handlebars are more than just a functional component; they are a reflection of your style and comfort. By understanding the different types available and considering these essential factors, you can make an informed decision, enhancing both your riding experience and your bike’s overall appeal. So, embark on your journey with the confidence that comes from having the perfect handlebars for your ride.

Selecting the ideal handlebars for your motorcycle is not a decision to be taken lightly; it requires a careful consideration of both form and function. When delving into the world of after-market handlebars, it’s crucial to keep two key factors in mind: height and width. These elements are paramount as they directly influence the compatibility of your cables and wiring.

Altering the dimensions of your handlebars can lead to a predicament where your cables and wires are either too long or too short to fit snugly. In the realm of motorcycle customization, a seemingly minor oversight in this regard can quickly turn into a significant headache.

So, the question arises, how does one go about choosing the right motorcycle handlebars? The answer largely hinges on the type of motorcycle you ride and your personal preferences. Motorcyclists come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their handlebars. Some handlebars, despite their unassuming appearance, deliver unparalleled comfort, while others are designed primarily for style. Let’s explore a variety of handlebar types and understand the reasons for selecting each one.

If you ride a Harley-Davidson®, you might be familiar with the term “ape hangers.” These handlebars are characterized by their lengthy, curved design, allowing riders to keep their arms at shoulder height. For an added touch of style, some riders even opt to install a drop-seat. On the other hand, “mini” or “baby ape” hangers offer a similar aesthetic but with a shorter reach.

On the flip side, we have the drag bars, which are the antithesis of ape hangers. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, leaned-back riding position without sacrificing height, these bars are an excellent choice. T-bars, although also low in height, might vary in terms of shape and size, offering a unique feel.

Cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts often gravitate toward beach bars. These handlebars feature a distinct long, curving bend that creates a welcoming U-shape. The design not only enhances riding comfort but is especially popular among long-distance riders.

For a twist on the traditional, consider buckhorn handlebars. They exhibit small rises, akin to little apes, but with a slight inward incline toward the rider. While an adjustment period may be needed, many riders find the long-term benefits to be well worth it.

Amidst this array of options, remember that aesthetics should never take precedence over safety. No matter which style you choose, always prioritize safety.

Now, let’s delve into measuring the pullbacks on your motorcycle handlebars. To determine this crucial aspect, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by sitting on your motorcycle.
  2. Attach a string to each end of your handlebar grips.
  3. Measure the distance between the bars adjacent to the speedometer and the attached string, which defines your pullback.
  4. Measure the length of the string from end to end.
  5. Lastly, determine the height of your handlebars, measuring from where they start to rise to their highest point.

Moving on, it’s worth noting that high ape hangers, in some regions of the USA, are declared illegal for road use. For instance, California explicitly bans motorcycles equipped with these towering handlebars from operating on highways. According to Section 2780 of the California Vehicle Code, a motorcycle rider’s hands must not extend more than six inches above their shoulders while seated. This regulation is put in place to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

One innovation worth mentioning is the dimpled bars, which are found on 1982-up Harley models. These dimples play a crucial role in providing clearance for wiring, preventing hand-control cables from getting snagged. Unlike a traditional hole, a dimple is an indentation in the handlebar, serving as a conduit for electrical cables.

If your handlebars aren’t perfectly centered or straight, don’t fret – this is a common issue that’s easily rectified. The clamp that secures your handlebars is bolted through the top yoke, and beneath it, you’ll find two nuts. Gently loosen these nuts by turning them back half a turn. With a firm grip on the handlebars, straighten them to achieve proper alignment.

Additionally, loosening the handlebar clamp will allow the handles to shift within the clamp, making it even easier to achieve a centered position. After you’ve completed these adjustments, tighten all the attachments, and your handlebars will be perfectly centered and aligned.

In conclusion, selecting the right handlebars for your motorcycle is a critical decision. Making the wrong choice from the after-market options can be more troublesome than using the default handlebars that come with your motorcycle. To avoid potential pitfalls, carefully consider the various types of handlebars outlined above and make a choice that aligns with your riding style and safety requirements.


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Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars: A Beginner’s Guide

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