Increase the power and the sound of your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 by replacing the exhaust

Newbies to two wheels probably do not fully appreciate its usefulness, nor do they feel the need to modify the muffler on their Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20: instead, let’s see why enthusiasts do it, and what advantages it entails

The aftermarket in the motorcycle exhaust and muffler sector boasts a long list of names, which may say little to the ears of non-enthusiasts, but which are absolutely familiar to those who live the passion of two wheels: Akrapovic, Arrow, LeoVince, Mivv, Termignoni and Racext just to name a few of those available among the best known and most reliable retailers

But who, and what, can be used to replace an original part of their Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20? This is what we will try to see together, with a particular focus on four-stroke engines.

What is the purpose of the exhaust system:

  • first of all, they allow the combustion gas to be removed from the rider and passenger, moving emissions to more convenient areas, so to speak.
  • Second advantage, they modulate the roar of the engine, often silencing it;
    third, but not least, they help improve engine performance (in practice, the right exhaust allows you to go faster, wanting to synthesize to the extreme). The question then arises: why change the muffler with which the Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 was produced as standard?

Increase the power and the sound of your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 by replacing the exhaust

In general, the basic components of a motorcycle are not the optimal or top-of-the-range products, also to meet the production and cost needs of the manufacturer, who tries to reach the right compromise between design, performance and final result. If, on the other hand, you replace a large double steel exhaust system with an aftermarket titanium unit that features a single silencer, you can achieve immediate weight savings of up to five per cent of the bike, with all the advantages in terms of handling and handling. performance. Furthermore, as mentioned, the aftermarket systems reduce sound emissions, so as to save the hearing and concentration of those who use the bike for long distances. And, finally, there is the possibility to choose the piece that best suits our taste, even aesthetic.

These replacements can have direct effects on the engine and performance, particularly with regards to its efficiency. The mufflers, in fact, improve fuel pumping, reducing the work of the engine to expel exhaust gases, particularly if they have improvements to the flow of air and fuel on the intake side. Furthermore, as mentioned, all the aftermarket silencers and exhaust systems represent the top of production in terms of technological innovation and aesthetics, thanks also to the close competition between the various manufacturers, which move the bar higher and higher. of the quality level.

buy the suitable exhaust for your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20


Here is a practical guide on some tips relating to the assembly and disassembly of a new exhaust for your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 although we always recommend that you contact a mechanic for the installation and choice of an exhaust for your Yamaha

WHAT YOU NEED If you don’t have it, buy an unlocking spray, which costs between 5 and 10 euros: it will make your life much easier; same thing for the spring puller – in case it is not included in the box – but if you do not have it, you can use a pliers. Prepare 3/8 socket wrenches and 12-14mm wrenches. Finally, if you have it, a wire brush.

BEFORE BEGINNING Before starting to disassemble the original exhaust, make sure that all the parts are in the box: check that nothing is missing, otherwise you will have to stop the work halfway

When you are ready, place the motorcycle on the stand – or on the lift stands – to start disassembling any parts (such as the passenger footrests) that may hinder you in disassembly. The process can vary according to the various types of exhaust, the indications we give you are related to any type of terminal, but specifically we will talk about the side exhaust terminals, the most common on today’s motorcycles.

BE PATIENT Unscrew the clamp at the base of the drain. Due to its position close to the wheels, it may be slightly rusted and therefore difficult to unscrew. Do not use brute force, but help yourself with the unlocking spray. If you still cannot unscrew the nut, try loosening it by turning it in both directions. After unscrewing it and thus loosening the clamp, remove the exhaust attachment on the footboard or rear support, then rotate and pull the terminal towards you without being too abrupt. Again, if you can’t remove it easily, use the unlocking spray. After some effort, the terminal will detach from the manifold fitting. At this point we advise you to use a wire brush to remove the residues on the manifold attachment.

REDO THE SAME STEP To install the aftermarket exhaust, perform the same process in reverse. If you have problems inserting the new terminal, help yourself again with the unlocking spray or with the “svitol”. Fasten the clamp firmly to the base of the exhaust, while if there is a “vice” support to fix the terminal to the rear platform, tighten without exaggerating. If you do not have a spring tensioner to mount the safety springs, use pliers but being careful not to damage anything. Finally, check the tightness once more, if necessary when starting the bike check that there are no leaks in the base of the terminal.

buy the suitable exhaust for your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20

WHY INSTALL A SPORT EXHAUST ON YOUR Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20?

Most of the customers who contact us ask us in detail what motivates them to install a sports exhaust on their Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20.
We therefore decided to create a summary table that contains all the necessary information!
In the table below you will find a summary containing the benefits obtained by installing a sports exhaust: In depth, the benefits are the following:

motorcycle sport exhaust

– DECREASE OF THE OVERALL WEIGHT Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20

The sports exhausts weigh from 30% to 70% less than the original exhausts from the moment in which they are produced with high quality materials and lighter than the original ones
– IMPROVED AGILITY Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20

Less weight and less bulk lead to a net increase in the agility of your vehicle starting from entering the curve.

– SOUND INCREASE OF THE Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 ENGINE

A sports exhaust allows your engine to vent more and this also leads to an increase in sound. (On motorbikes it can be adjusted using the db killer supplied in the kit you buy).

– INCREASE IN POWER OF THE Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20 ENGINE

A sports exhaust allows the fumes to flow out of the exhaust system more quickly and this leads to a significantly better rise in revs from low revs as well as an increase in power especially at high revs.

– AESTHETIC IMPROVEMENT Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20

According to your tastes, you can choose the exhaust that best suits you installed on your vehicle.

If you still have doubts and would like to receive dedicated advice, do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACTS page.

FINAL ADVICE If you don’t feel like fitting your new exhaust yourself – or don’t have time – our advice is to go to your trusted mechanic: if it is only one side exhaust, it will take just under an hour. Furthermore, we do not recommend selling your original silencer: the value of your bike may decrease over time if you mount an “unofficial” or non-original exhaust, or the bike may not pass the inspection if you mount a non-approved silencer.

buy the suitable exhaust for your Yamaha X-Max 400 Tech Max Abs my20

if you believe that the product is not suitable for your vehicle, do not install it, contact customer service and return it for a refund. our company assumes no responsibility for incompatibility or damage

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